flame_83513791sm.jpgPennPacific Onshore, LLC, (hereinafter “Company”) invites those interested (hereinafter “Contractor”) in engagement with the Company via a Service Agreement to submit a resume accompanied by at least five professional references. All references will be contacted.

The Company executes Service Agreements [for land services]  ONLY WITH LEGAL ENTITIES whose principals are members in good standing of the American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL). Preferential consideration is granted to AAPL members who hold the Certified Professional Landman (CPL) designation.  When submitting their resume to the Company, Contractors must provide their AAPL membership number.

AAPL membership in good standing is a Condition, rather than a Covenent, for a contractual relationship between the Company and a Contractor.

Contractors engaged with the Company [shall] conduct their activities in strict accordance with conditions contained within the Service Agreement, which includes the AAPL Code of Ethics and the AAPL Standards of Practice.

Submittal of a Contractor’s resume to the Company does not constitute an offer by the Company of a Service Agreement to Contractor.

Submittal of a resume authorizes the Company to conduct background checks. Potential contractors authorize the Company (or the Company’s agent) to conduct a personal background check pertaining to Contractor.  Contractors acknowledge that the Company may conduct a personal background check(s) prior to the Company’s engagement of the Contractor.  The Contractor waives any objection to the Company’s actions in performing or arranging for a personal background check, whether conducted prior to or during the Contractor’s engagement.  The Contractor also waives any claims for damage, as well as taking any further action against the Company with respect to the Company’s performing or arranging for such personal background check(s).